At the break, search for additional pitching continues for Renegades

Jefferson City Renegades have used 35 pitchers this season. (KRCG 13 Photo/Josh Kurelac)

Next to having gloves, bats and balls, there are three other things that top the list of importance in baseball:

1) Pitching.

2) Pitching. And lastly ...

3) More pitching.

Because no pitching = no fun.

It's not that the Jefferson City Renegades have no pitching, but it's fair to say, they could sure use more of it.

After starting the season 7-3, the lack of pitching depth caught up with them --- the Renegades lost 14 of 19 as they hit this week's mid-season break in the eight-team MINK League.

"I knew we wouldn't be a dominant team,"Renegades head coach Mike DeMilia said, "I thought we'd be a solid team and at times, I think we have been. Offensively and defensively, we're about where I thought we'd be --- a little streaky, but that's baseball.

"The frustrating part has been our lack of consistency on the mound; I thought it would be better. But we've thrown so many different guys, it's really been hard to be consistent."

Throwing different guys? Get a load of this number ... if you're sitting down, good --- but you may want to lay down.

The Renegades have used no less than 35 pitchers this season.

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