And they're off! Renegades enjoying solid start in their inaugural season

The Jefferson City Renegades are off to a 7-5 start in their inaugural season in the MINK League. (Josh Kurelac/KRCG13)

JEFFERSON CITY --- Steve Dullard had the look of a proud papa June 2.

His baby was born. This was not a bouncing, 9-pound baby boy, however, this was nine nearly grown men playing a game of baseball at Vivion Field.

Say hello, world, to the Jefferson City Renegades.

Certainly, these guys weren't newborn-cute and they're not much fun to cuddle, either. Still, what a sight to behold for Dullard --- after an incubation period of closer to 36 months, not nine.

There was happiness and there was pride, of course. But mostly for Dullard ...

"It was actually a big relief, we finally made it," said Dullard, 32, president of the Renegades, who started this dream about three years ago. "We did it, it's here.

"There were a lot of emotions, actually. I was very proud to see the turnout (estimated at over 1,000 fans) and to see them into the game and cheering like they did. A lot of the guys in the field said they'd never played in front of such a large crowd. And that we won, that was the best part about it. That capped off the night."

The debut for the franchise actually came two days earlier in Sedalia, but it was the home debut for the Renegades that was even more special.

This was Dullard's dream.

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