Tiger fans say they've found their place in the SEC

Missouri and Florida fans toss bean bags prior to Saturday's game. MU fans say they feel invigorated by this year's undefeated start.

MU fans told KRCG 13 Saturday they felt invigorated by the Tigers' undefeated start.

MU strategic communications major Shelbie Weaver said she is a diehard Mizzou fan no matter what, but this year's start brought out all kinds of energy on campus. Her father, Kenny, agreed.

"I think our confidence was a little lacking there, and now that we've proven that we can go to an SEC town, into an SEC stadium and beat them, I think our confidence is just sky-high right now," he said.

Fans said they generally get a warm welcome on the road. Tom Wilcox said a few teams are a little rough on visitors but on the whole he'd found the SEC quite friendly. Jordan Phillips said many SEC fans have told him they feel the conference made the right choice in adding Mizzou to its roster.

Florida fans in town for Saturday's game said they liked Columbia's atmosphere and some said they felt the Tigers belonged in the conference. New Orleans resident Chris Willis said the Tigers had earned his respect as an SEC team.

"Anytime you can beat Georgia, that's a heck of an accomplishment to beat Georgia in Athens," he said.