Reid 'em and weep

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Ready for a football quiz, sports fans? Okay, let's go.

(Note: Some of the answers may be "fun" ones, because it's the fun time of the year, after all. Pass the eggnog! :)

Match the quarterbacks with their current teams:


A) Tony Romo

B) Robert Griffin III

C) Eli Manning

D) Blaine Gabbert

E) Michael Vick


1. New York Giants

2. Dallas

3. Philadelphia

4. Washington

5. Jacksonville

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! You are correct, all of you! Cupcakes for everyone!

Let's continue.


F) Ryan Fitzpatrick

G) Jeff Tuel

H) Jeff Foxworthy

I) Jason Campbell

J) Terrelle Pryor

K) Richard Pryor

L) Matt McGloin

M) Matt McPorkloin

N) Case Keenum

O) Basket Case


6) Tennessee

7) Houston

8) Cleveland

9) Oakland

10) Buffalo

That wasn't as easy, was it? That's okay, everyone still gets a ribbon for trying really hard! What the heck ... you all can split the rest of my cupcake!

The first part of the quiz were five teams the Kansas City Chiefs have beaten this season, all with competent NFL quarterbacks, I think we'd agree about that. Well, except for Blaine Gabbert. Sorry, Blaine. M-I-Z ... P-U.

How many of those teams currently have a winning record? One, Philadelphia. And it's a good thing the Chiefs caught them early and not late.

To say those other teams have their issues would be an understatement. They're like guests on Maury.

The second part of the quiz, well ... I just KNEW Jeff Foxworthy, Richard Pryor, Matt McPorkloin, and Basket Case would throw you off! It really is the most wonderful time of the year for fun and frivolity!

Anyhoo, those players in Part II are all back-up quarterbacks --- some are third-stringers --- the Chiefs have had the pleasure of playing against and beating. Not really a list of future Hall of Famers.

If you weren't sure, a competent quarterback is fairly important to an NFL team's success.

How many of those teams currently have a winning record? None. Of the Chiefs' 11 wins, including Oakland twice, those 10 teams are a combined 47-93. Six of their wins have come against last-place teams. Not surprisingly, the Chiefs' strength of schedule is at the bottom of the NFL.

The Chiefs have more naysayers than Ralph Nader running for president. And they have some firepower behind their argument.

The Chiefs have warts, every team does. For Kansas City, it's at wide receiver and in the secondary. Those are fairly significant warts.

Still, the Chiefs are good and, at times, they're very good. Are they in the NFL's elite class? Probably not yet. But they could be in a few weeks, they seem to be gaining steam. They're 11-3 and in the playoffs for just the second time since 2006, and they'll be seeking their first postseason win in 20 years.

The first nine games, the defense carried the load, behind a great front seven led by Tamba Hali.

The last five games, the offense has carried the load, behind a good offensive line and electric running back Jamaal Charles, who will finish in the top five --- if not top three --- of the MVP voting.

But the biggest changes from last year's 2-14 train wreck are at the top --- general manager John Dorsey, head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Alex Smith ... three proven winners.

Anyone miss Scott Pioli, Romeo Crennel and Brady Quinn? Makes you cringe just hearing those names, doesn't it?

Kansas City's three losses have been to Philip Rivers and San Diego, and twice to Peyton Manning and Denver. The Chiefs could have beaten Denver at home and they SHOULD have beaten San Diego at home. They could be 13-1.ã??

Just imagine, if the Chiefs were at home for the playoffs ...

The Chiefs are currently ranked No. 3 in scoring offense in the NFL, No. 4 in scoring defense. That's a great combination, no matter who you've played. The only other better combo (when you add the two rankings) is Seattle, which is No. 1 in scoring defense and No. 5 in scoring offense.

One last question. Which team will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl?

1. Denver

2. New England

3. Oakland (one final dig at the Black Hole is always justified, isn't it?)

4. Baltimore

5. Kansas City

Beware of Baltimore, I'm just sayin'. But to all you naysayers and Nader haters, don't be completely shocked if the answer is 5, for the Chiefs have what it takes ... starting at the top.

Super Bowl XLVIII in a (likely) brutally cold New York, Seattle vs. Kansas City? How great would THAT be? Wouldn't the folks at FOX jump for joy? You probably don't want to bet your car on it, but It could happen.

Reid 'em and weep.