Racing for Roast Beef

      Jefferson City Sub Shop, KRCG and Loeffler's Link are sponsoring a weekly NASCAR contest. The winner gets a free foot-long from Jefferson City Sub Shop --- which has the best subs in town --- along with a bag of chips and large drink.

      Call this Turning Left for Tuna Salad. Or Racing for Roast Beef. Or Hammering down for Ham. Just win and it's your choice.

      * Here's what you do: Pick the top-four finishers in this week's NASCAR race --- you DO NOThave to predict their order of finish.

      * If you get the winner out of one of your four picks, you earn eight points; second place is worthfive points; third is worth three; and correctly getting No. 4 earns one point. Total points possible: 17. Tiebreaker will be your next highest finisher.

      Last week's winner was Dan Grieve. Deadline is race time. This week, it's 6:30 p.m. on Saturday for the Quaker State 400 in Kentucky. To enter, click here:

      Racing for Roast Beef

      Good luck!