NCAA ruling has mixed reactions

The ruling for student athletes does not apply to college students with academic scholarships.

A new NCAA ruling gives the 5 biggest conferences, including the SEC, the ability to make some of their own rules, including increasing the value of student athlete scholarships. Mizzou Senior Running Back Marcus Murphy is pleased with the new ruling.

Murphy said, â??I think that itâ??s a benefit. We come out and work hard as athletes. Any benefit that we can get is good.â??

The ruling for student athletes does not apply to college students with academic scholarships. Every student we asked on the Mizzou campus thought SEC athletes deserve special treatment over their classmates.

College student Micah Grisamore said, â??They are out there slaving away on TV for our entertainment.â??

College student Dustin Norton said, â??I think for what they do, they deserve more benefits than regular students.â??

According to the NCAA, universities with top level football programs spend about $75,000 a year on each player. Thatâ??s up from $41,000 a year 10 years ago. Some people had mixed feelings about the new rules.

Joan Lynn said, â??They already make enough money. They make plenty of money. They make more than enough money.â??

Tom Floren said, â??They are overshadowed with all of the academics. The college experience is more than just coming and getting academics.â??

Ashley White said, â??There are tons of students who would wish for that opportunity. I think the money could be shared among more students.â??

Guy Provencal said, â??I think it is unreasonable to ask anybody who works that number of hours to work on top of that just to take care of themselves. I think they should get something.â??

The majority of people we talked to approved of the new rules. However, some fans said spending millions of dollars more on college sports will make college academics less important.

The new rules are not a done deal.

Over the next 2 months, Division 1 schools have a chance to veto the NCAAâ??s ruling.