MU students say Tigers surpassed expectations

Although the Tigers did not win Saturday's SEC Championship Game, many of their fans on Campus remain optimistic about their overall performance.

"I was really disappointed by it," said MU student Braden Smith. "I wanted us to win the SEC Championship, obviously, but either way this has been an amazing year."

"What the senior class did to redeem our program was fantastic. I've been watching Mizzou in the big 12 my whole life - I was used to a certain level of success. It's just nice to get back into that in the most competitive conference in college football," Smith said.

Even though many fans were disappointed that the Tigers lost 42-59 to the Auburn Tigers, many others said one loss did not take away the thrill of an exiting season.

"We weren't even supposed to be a contender, and we made it to the SEC Championship," said Tigers fan Shannon Little.

"So take that, Alabama!"