Coaches canoe to honor 50 years of Jays wrestling

Three Jefferson City wrestling coaches traded in the wrestling mat for a canoe this week.

David Ganey, Tod Wilson and Nathan Redcay competed in the MR 340 boat race to celebrate 50 years of Jays wrestling. They dubbed themselves the 'Jaygernauts' for the race.

The race started Tuesday in Kansas City. The Jaygernauts hope to make it to the finish line in St. Charles under 50 hours to honor the wrestling program's anniversary.

Jays wrestlers, family members and friends met with the Jaygernauts Wednesday morning during their pit stop at the Noren River Access.

As of 7 p.m. Wednesday, the Jaygernauts averaged about 8.5 miles an hour in the 340 mile trek. The Jaygernauts are currently in first place in the Men's 3-4 division, 12th place overall in the race.

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