77 / 65
      82 / 62
      87 / 61

      So, how's your NCAA bracket holding up?

      Well, here's another chance --- KRCG's Sweet 16 Second-Chance Challenge. Your dream of a perfect bracket can begin anew.

      How many games will you have Florida Gulf Coast winning this time?

      Anyway, there are not one, but TWO grand prizes to the top-two finishers.

      * A three-day, two-night stay for two at The Country Club Hotel and Spa, plus a $50 gift card to their restaurant.

      * A three-day, two-night stay for two at Old Kinderhook, plus a $50 gift card to their restaurant.

      Both are in the Lake of the Ozarks, and both prizes are based on availability.

      The first-place finisher gets his/her choice; the second receives the other prize. So in this case, second place is just as good as first, as these are both wonderful, first-class venues. Both are as good as it gets.

      A BIG thank you to both Jen at Old Kinderhook and Lance at The Country Club for making this possible.

      All you have to do is pick the remaining winners in the tournament and mail them to tloeffler@krcg.com, prior to the deadline of 6 p.m. THURSDAY.

      The tiebreaker is total points in the championship game. If it's still tied, a coin-flip will decide the winner(s).

      Points will awarded as follows:

      * For the Sweet 16, one point for each correct pick

      * Elite Eight, two points

      * Final Four, three points

      * and for correctly predicting the national champion, five points.

      It would be easiest if you just copy and paste the games below. For the Sweet 16 games, putting your winners in bold would also be the easiest for all involved. Of course, just fill in the Xs after that.

      Here we go:

      EAST REGION (Washington, D.C.)Indiana vs. SyracuseMarquette vs. Miami, Fla

      East champion: xxxxx

      WEST REGION (Los Angeles)Wichita State vs. LaSalleOhio State vs. Arizona

      West champion: xxxxx

      MIDWEST REGION (Indianapolis)Louisville vs. OregonMichigan State vs. Duke

      Midwest champion: xxxxxx

      SOUTH REGION (Arlington, Tex.)Kansas vs. MichiganFlorida vs. Florida Gulf Coast

      South champion: xxxxx

      FINAL FOUR (Atlanta)Midwest champion vs West champion: xxxxxxxxSouth champion vs. East champion: xxxxx

      NATIONAL CHAMPIONxxxxxxxx(Total points in championship game, xxxx)

      Good luck! And if you have Florida Gulf Coast winning it all, well ... go Eagles!--Contest RulesSponsored by: