See ya

Frank Haith has left Missouri for Tulsa.

Will you miss him?

Do you miss a tooth ache? Outdated cottage cheese? Spoiled milk?

Under-cooked chicken with blood oozing out of it?

In his first year, Haith inherited some really, really good players from Mike Anderson, a bunch of seniors who knew how to play the game and play the game with guts.

Man, could they distribute the ball and could they shoot. But they lost their first game of the NCAA Tournament.

Basketball happens.

In the next two years under Haith, the Tigers were mediocre, at best, losing in the first round of the NCAA Tournament and the second round of the NIT.

Hey, they beat Davidson!


After that, well, maybe Haith had tee times.

By the way, both Anderson and Quin Snyder took the Tigers to the NCAA Elite Eight during their tenures. Haith?

The first hole is a par 4, dogleg to the left, coach. Avoid the creek on the right.

The Tigers have lost their third-best player to graduation, Earnest Ross, and their two best players --- Jabari Brown and Jordan Clarkson --- who are jumping to the NBA after their junior seasons.

Recently, Zach Price --- a transfer from Louisville --- was arrested twice in the same day on suspicion of assault stemming from two separate incidents.

Haith has jumped a sinking ship --- and he's the one who put the hole in it. The only success he had was with Anderson's players. After that, the Tigers were very hard to watch.

But his players --- a bunch of transfers or recruits who bailed on him --- had great tattoos.

It doesn't matter who the coach is next year, Haith, Norm Stewart, John Wooden, Red Auerbach ... but next season looks to be bad, really bad.

Even in the really, really bad SEC.

Haith told Missouri Athletic Director he was leaving via a text message Friday. Really?

Was the carrier pigeon busy?

That move falls exactly two letters short of class. That would be the first two letters, if you weren't sure.

In the long run, this will be a good thing for Missouri and a bad thing for Tulsa. They gave Haith a seven-year contract for $1.85 million a year.

People in Oklahoma, obviously, aren't very smart. Like, Tulsa's nickname, the Hurricanes. Really, how many hurricanes are there in Oklahoma?

So, what's next and who's next for the Tigers?

There are a number of coaching names floating out there, including former Tiger player and assistant coach Kim Anderson, who recently led the University of Central Missouri to the Division II National Championship.

He should certainly be considered, because there's something to be said for knowing how to win, don't you think?

Not all agree, like my good buddy Will Palaszczuk --- a name that's tough to spell even when you're looking at it --- who's the host of The Big Show on KTGR. He knows his stuff, a lot more than me.

Most of the time.

No way, he said, not Kim Anderson. I like him, personally, but he's not a Division I coach.

Palaszczuk always complains about a lack of fan support at MU basketball games. This would solve that problem, although he points out that Anderson probably couldn't recruit at the Division I level.


In an exhibition game last November, Kim Anderson and his lowly recruits led Missouri 45-43 at the half at Mizzou Arena. In the end, the Tigers beat the Mules by 13 --- but only because the free throw disparity was 45-13 in favor of MU, which produced a 27-point disparity.

These exhibition games are basically fixed, if you didn't know, even though there's no point spread. It's like the Harlem Globetrotters playing the Washington Generals.

No confetti required.

Kim Anderson shouldn't necessarily be hired, but he should be considered. But it probably won't happen, because of the history between Alden and Norm Stewart and his associates.

Whoever they get, he will be as good or better than Frank Haith. But that's another story for another time.

See ya, Frank.

Good luck in Hurricane country.