Frankly, are you disappointed?

Well, that would be that.

But Frankly, are you disappointed? Perhaps you're surprised, but are you disappointed?

A) Yes.

B) No.

C) What's the question?

Oh, right, the question ... my bad. Frank Haith has left the building, in this case the building is Mizzou Arena, to take his basketball coaching skills, talents and acumen to Tulsa.


Results are rolling in.

B) is the clear winner, followed closely by C). In third place is a write-in, "Who's Frank Haith?"

A) received one vote, from Mrs. Haith.

But the era of Haith is apparently over with the Missouri Tigers after three years, according to multiple reports. Three years of good, bad and ugly.

THE GOOD: In Haith's first season, the Tigers enjoyed a splendid 30-5 basketball season, winning the Big 12 Tournament and earning a No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.

This was a small team with a short bench, five guards and two big men, but a senior-laden team that refused to lose. My, oh, my, they were fun to watch --- for most of the season, anyway.

President Obama even picked Missouri to get to the Final Four in his "Barack-otology."

Shows what he knows.

THE BAD: Missouri lost its first-round game to Norfolk State that season to become the biggest favorite by Vegas standards --- a 24-point favorite --- to lose outright in the NCAA Tournament.

Norfolk State lost its next game, by the way, by 34 points.

Missouri went 23-11 the next season, losing 84-72 to vaunted Colorado State in its first game of the NCAA Tournament, another game where these muscle-bound Tigers looked like Tarzan, played like Jane --- they were outrebounded 42-19.

You can get 19 rebounds by just standing there and letting the ball find you. This was a non-effort.

Colorado State lost its next game, by the way, by 26 points.

This Missouri team never had any definition. It was a season mostly marked by poor play and poor coaching, especially when Missouri faced competent competition.

Here's a Q and A I had with Haith after the loss to Colorado State in Lexington, Ky.:

Q: "Coach, what did this team never really get or grasp that you wanted them to do this season? And if you had to tweak something along the way and do something different, what would that have been?"

A: "Tom, let me just say this to you --- I'm proud of what this team did this year. This team made it to the NCAA Tournament. I'm very proud of what they accomplished."

Really? Does that answer pass the smell test?

To me, that answer was more full of horse droppings than the average Kentucky pasture.

What accomplishment, exactly? Being satisfied with being regarded as one of the top 68 teams in the country? Is that where this program is?

THE UGLY: Haith was suspended for the first five games of the 2013-14 season for his actions while he was head coach at Miami, Fla.

This was so typical of the NCAA, which usually stands for Not Certain About Anything. They spent two years and millions of dollars to build a 95-cent fly swatter to get one fly.

And it took no less than 102 pages to explain it.

"The former head men's basketball coach failed to meet his responsibilities as a head coach when he did not monitor the activities of his assistant coaches, and attempted to cover up the booster's threats to disclose incriminating information, according to the committee," the report stated.

Without Haith, the Tigers still started this season 5-0, beating three YMCA teams, one from the Salvation Army, and one team from your neighbor's driveway.

This season's highlight, certainly, came in December with a win over UCLA. This came on the same day the Missouri football team gave up 402 points and 2,500 rushing yards to Auburn in the SEC Championship game in Atlanta.

Or something like that. But Missouri fans have no complaints about the football season.

Okay, there was another highlight to this basketball season ... nobody died.

But there were arrests, along with Haith's NCAA suspension. And five losses to really lousy SEC teams that also ended up in the NIT and one that didn't even make the CBI.

Missouri opened the NIT by beating Davidson, before a hearty throng of 2,400 fans at the 'Zou, before losing to Southern Miss in the second round.

The Tigers have lost their third-best player to graduation, Earnest Ross, and their two best players --- Jabari Brown and Jordan Clarkson --- who are jumping to the NBA after their junior seasons.

Recently, Zach Price --- a transfer from Louisville --- was arrested twice in the same day on suspicion of assault stemming from two separate incidents.


In a way, that's impressive.

Maybe they were having a two-for-one special at the jail.

Now, Haith has apparently left the building. Wikipedia, for what it's worth, read: "Frank Haith is currently the men's basketball head coach at the University of Tulsa," on Thursday afternoon.

Good news travels fast.

More valid sources, CBS Sports and ESPN, said it's a done deal.

But Frankly, are you disappointed? What exactly did Haith do to earn our disappointment? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Am I disappointed?