Faith in Haith?

University of Missouri head basketball coach Frank Haith received his notice of allegations from the NCAA late Tuesday night.

University of Missouri basketball head coach Frank Haith has received a notice of allegations from the NCAA. Haith made the announcement after Missouri's 63-60 upset win over Florida at Mizzou Arena last night.

Haith did not say what charges he is facing from his time at the University of Miami, but CBS is reporting that the NCAA is accusing Haith of failure to monitor.

This would be a less serious charge than originally expected.

"Contrary to what was reported, there was no unethical conduct in my notice of allegations," Haith said."It is just an allegation, so we get to defend ourselves."

Haith was given the notice of allegations before Tuesday nights game, Missouri Athletic Director Mike Alden didn't learn about the notice until after the game.

"After 20 months, I think all of us are just pleased. Let's go ahead and get this and go ahead and deal with it and move forward. I'm looking forward to working with Frank for a long time. He's done great things here with us," Alden said. "We look forward to continuing to do great things, and I'll just be glad that we've got it and we can deal with it and move forward."

"The biggest thing I want to tell you, I'm glad this thing is almost over with," Haith said..

The Tiger coach will have 90 days to respond to the NCAA. His hearing before the Committee on Infractions could take place this summer.

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