KRCG 13 Partners with United Way in Stop Bullying Mid-Mo initiative

KRCG 13 and the United Way are excited to announce our new initiative: Stop Bullying Mid-Mo.

Bullying is a major problem in mid-Missouri and it keeps evolving, making it more complex for parents, teachers and our kids.

We want to do something to stop it.

KRCG 13 and the United Way are excited to announce our new initiative: "Stop Bullying Mid-Mo."

Our goal is to raise awareness of bullying in our community.

It's an important issue that impacts everyone.

"It's something that I think really touches everybody," KRCG 13 News Director Matt Johnson said. "So we thought it was time that we take a stand as a television station in stop bullying in mid Missouri."

Throughout the school year, KRCG 13 will partner with the United Way of Central Missouri and produce segments each month on topics associated with bullying.

"I think the best way to do that is through awareness letting people know about the issues that exist you know from what bullying is to how to stop it, to the psychological impacts… what does a bully look like, what do they sound like, what are the types of things they do and what's it like to be a victim of bullying," Johnson said.

The United Way of Central Missouri partners with 28 agencies, many of which serve children in our community.

"Bullying affects so many kids in our community so it was only logical I think that KRCG 13 thought of the United Way and our 28 partners because so many of those agencies are serving the kids that are experiencing the bullying," United Way of Central Missouri President Ann Bax said.

Both Bax and Johnson said they hoped the initiative allowed us and so many others step in and help in any way that we can.

"If we can prevent the bullying and help the kids that are on the other end of the bullying and doing the bullying to understand the devastation that it causes then we can all feel like we have done something really really good," Bax said.

"Change...we hope this will cause some sort of change," Johnson said. "Whether that's in bullying policies or laws or even if one person sees one of these segments and decides when they go to school tomorrow, they're not going to bully someone the otherwise would have. If it gets one parent to sit down and talk to their kid about bullying then you have one less bully in the school. I think we will have accomplished our goal."

Johnson said as a news station, KRCG 13 has covered dozens of stories in mid-Missouri about this issue and said "Stop Bullying Mid-MO" was a great collaborative community effort which started with creating awareness.

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