SPECIAL REPORT: Tech start-up says it's found solution to curb battery blowups

SPECIAL REPORT: Tech start-up says it's found solution to curb battery blowups. (Tommy Sladek)

The batteries that power your smartphone, e-cigarettes and more made headlines for causing fires and explosions.

Lithium-ion batteries made of lightweight metal have become common, but can be dangerous.

In the fall of 2016, technology company Samsung had to recall 1.9 million units of its Galaxy Note 7 cell-phones after more than 100 reports of overheating. many of which led to fires. since then the phone has been recalled and taken of the market after the company announced the issue lies in the phone's lithium-ion batteries.

Chief Scott Frandsen with the Mid County Fire Protection District said battery fires have happened in mid Missouri.

"Like with any product with that many units out there, there are going to be some with manufacturing defects."

California-based American Lithium Energy has made batteries for the United States military since 2007.

Chief executive Jenna King with A.L.E.'s spin-out company 'Amionx', said she believes they've come up with a safer solution that will not explode nor catch fire.

A fuse inside the battery cell would kick on when it senses a certain temperature, breaking the electric current.

When can we see this on the market?

"We're currently looking to work with battery manufacturers to implement it into their lines so we're trying to license this out broadly," King said.

"So we could be up and running in as little as six months from now, and into their lines."

As the world moves toward renewable energy solutions, king said their creation not only solves many of the dangers with batteries, but also makes the world more Eco-friendly.

"What is exciting about this is it's truly a disruptive can really change the way we use lithium batteries."

A few safety tips for lithium battery products include:

-Do not overcharge your device. It is recommended that once your device is fully charged that you should unplug it.

-Keep your device out of extremely high or low temperature locations. Do not place the battery in direct sunshine, or store the battery inside cars in significant hot or cold weather.

-Do not expose the battery to water or allow the battery to get wet.

-Do not use your device if you notice any damage to the battery after dropping it. If you suspect damage to the battery, take your device to the service center for inspection.

-Do not carry or store the batteries together with necklaces, hairpins, or other metal objects.

-Do not disassemble or modify the battery in any way. Modifying your electronic significantly increases the risk of explosion.

-Keep laptops off of a bed or pillow. Most laptop air-vents are on the bottom of the device. It is important to let it breath, or else overheating can occur.

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