Youth job program back in 2011

The state of Missouri is bringing back a program that will give part-time jobs to several hundred high school and college-aged people next summer.

Governor Nixon announced Thursday the return of the States Park Youth Process Program or (spice) SPYC for summer 2011.

The program hired about 1,000 people this past summer and won an award from the National Association of State Parks Directors.

Nixon said he is glad that the program is coming back.

"It is a program that has clearly demonstrated its benefits for participants who gain skills and responsibilities, Gov. Nixon said. As well as a paycheck for state and local economies, who saw these paychecks transmitted into dollars spent in our communities; and to those who treasure our outstanding state parks, historic sites, and want to insure they're preserved and maintained for future generations."

The program will employ Missourians between the ages of 17 and 21 and will run from April to November.

Applications for the federally funded program will be available February 1st.