Who is Alyssa Bustamante?

Alyssa Bustamante is the 15 year old girl a Cole County grand jury believes killed nine year old Elizabeth Olten one month ago.

She is a sophomore at Jefferson City High School and will turn 16 in January.

Several of Alyssa's Facebook friends. They say they are stunned their fun-loving friend is an accused murderer.

They say Alyssa has lived a hard life.


Her grandmother was named her legal guardian back in 2002 in the State of California.

Alyssa has lived with her grandparents and three younger siblings in St. Martins for several years on a ranch-style property at 626 Lomo Drive, just four houses down from Elizabeth Olten and her family.

Neighbors and family friends tell us Elizabeth Olten often played with both Alyssa and Alyssa's siblings.

In Wednesday's court proceedings, juvenile authorities said Alyssa's home was a stable one with adequate support from her grandparents.

Since moving to St. Martins, Alyssa Bustamante has attended the Jefferson City location of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormon church, with her grandparents. KRCG is told Alyssa participated in several different youth activities at the church.

Academic tests also reveal Alyssa is a gifted student, but that she sometimes did not apply herself in class.


But there is also a troubled side to this teen.

Her You Tube page lists her hobbies as "killing people and cutting."

In fact, juvenile court says they have had to trim her fingernails because she was using them to cut-up her arms.

She also tried to commit suicide in September 2007 and was hospitalized. Alyssa then received intense, sometimes daily therapy since that incident.

She has also been taking Prozac to combat her depression.

Alyssa's Twitter page shows what some call "dark" postings, talking about bad decisions and be buried.

Juvenile court officials said during Wednesday's hearing that Alyssa went through a short gothic phase, dressing in all black clothes, last year while attending Simonsen Ninth Grade Center.


Juvenile officials say Alyssa has maintained a relationship with both her mother and father.

Her mother Michelle Bustamante has a history of drug and alcohol charges and her father Ceasar Bustamante is serving several more years in a Missouri prison on assault charges.