Werdehausens and Pinets want to know why

Relatives of the Pinets and Werdehausens are searching for answers Wednesday night.

They want to know what connection Josh Maylee had to their loved ones, that could result in deadly violence.

The deadly violence on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning have left the Werdehausen family and the Pinet family in shock.

"It TMs been a blow to the family, a real bad blow to the family, Cousin of Gina and Jeff, Sara Werdehausen said.

"Just don't know how to take this right now. It TMs still sinking in. It's hard to process," Eugene and Jackie TMs niece Tanya Durham said.

Everyone is asking questions about why this happened.

"He had to be on drugs or something to shoot somebody. That was crazy. How could someone do that to a human being? Sara Werdehausen said.

The Werdehausens owned Ideal Hardware and Critics Choice movie house in Holts Summit. People who knew them tell KRCG they were very hard working people and fun to be around.

"We've had quite a few good family reunions and weddings. He was big hearted, a big hearted man, him and her both, Sara said. They would have done anything for anybody."

Tanya Durham said Jackie and Eugene were great people.

"She was a great mother and she loved her family. She enjoyed doing things with her family, Tanya Durham said. Boe enjoyed fishing and those kind of outdoor type of activities; things such as that."

Jackie Pinet worked as custodian for the Jefferson City School District. District spokesman David Luther told KRCG she was a wonderful employee who will be missed.

Eugene Pinet was a former deputy sheriff in Osage County. Tanya said the family is devastated by their loss.