Vintage postcards look back on Jefferson City

Before E-mails and text messages, postcards were the number one way of sending greetings when you took a vacation or trip.

Jefferson City historian Dr. Arnold Parks is using old postcards to connect with the past with his new book. The book features vintage postcards that were delivered with one-cent stamps.

Parks started collecting old postcards with historical images of Jefferson City and compiled them into one book.

As we began collecting postcards, we found postcards on sights that were no longer standing," Parks said. "For example, there was a church on Dunklin Street called Glad Tidings Church; there is a postcard of that and it TMs no longer standing.

The book has eight chapters dividing Jefferson City TMs postcard past into different categories including the State Capitol, the State Prison and High Street. Parks had literally hundreds of postcards to choose from for the cover of his book. He finally settled on a postcard from 1890 showing High Street with cobblestone streets and gas lanterns.

Parks said it was difficult choosing postcards for his book because every one of them teaches us about the past. He was surprised to find so many postcards of the Missouri State Penitentiary.

This was a facility that was a sight that visitors who came to Jefferson City wanted to see, Parks said. Companies would put out postcards on the Missouri State Penitentiary. I just never thought that site would have as many postcards as it did, but there were.

Parks thinks the days of postcards are over since we live in a world of modern technology. He hopes his book keeps the memories of Jefferson City and postcards alive for many years to come.

You can find the Jefferson City Postcard History Series book at several local bookstores.