Update: Should state workers be expected to work today?

Update: Feb 1st at 11:15 a.m.: Missouri lawmakers decided Tuesday morning to stop working for the rest of the week.The Senate adjourned until next week. The House still has a few committee meetings planned but will not have a formal session until next week. Original Story:The State Capitol will be open Tuesday despite a blizzard warning in effect for mid-Missouri.Scott Holste, a spokesman for the governor, told KRCG the Hazardous Weather Policy is in effect for state workers.This means if the weather is bad enough, state workers can choose not to come in to work, but they TMll have to use personal time or vacation time to take the day off.If workers do not have vacation time to use, they can make up the time another day or will be forced to take that day without pay.

On Monday afternoon, Governor Jay Nixon issued a state emergency because of the pending storm.We TMve already heard from some state workers not happy about this decision. What do you think? Should the Capitol close its doors Tuesday if the weather is bad enough? Leave a comment below and vote in our online poll.