Update: Arson suspect indicted by grand jury

Update: Thursday, July 15 at 2:12 p.m.

A man from Licking, Mo. was indicted by a federal grand jury Wednesday in connection to the semi-truck arsons that happened in May.

Steven Oakley Price, 40, was charged with arson and illegal possession of a firearm by a federal grand jury in Jefferson City, Mo.

The indictments said that Price allegedly set fire to a Wabash National Corporation 53-foot dry van trailer on May 11 in Kingdom City, Mo. The indictment also alleges that Price was illegally possessed of a Remington .22-caliber bolt-action rifle on June 24.

Price has two prior felony convictions for theft, as well as felony convictions for arson, burglary and hot check personal services.

Original Story:

State fire investigators said four semi-trucks were intentionally set on fire early Wednesday morning at two truck stops in Kingdom City.

Investigators with the Callaway County Sheriff TMs Department and the North Callaway County Fire Protection District responded to two suspected arson fires at the Petro truck fuel barn near the intersection of Interstate 70 and Highway 54.

Investigators then found evidence of a third arson fire at Petro, and a fourth intentionally set fire at Gasper TMs Truck Stop on the other side of the highway.

Authorities said no one was hurt however witnesses had to rescue sleeping drivers in each of the four burning trucks.

Each one of those vehicles did have the driver in the sleeper compartment," State Fire Marshal Randy Cole said. "That TMs why we are taking this very seriously because of the potential danger in relation to injury or even a fatality. We are very concerned about the situation and are asking for the public TMs help.

Authorities did not said whether they have a motive or whether an accelerant, such as gasoline, was used to start the suspected arson fires because of their ongoing investigation.

There isn't any information if nearby surveillance cameras captured any evidence on tape.

If you have any information about these arson fires, investigators urge you to call the State Arson Hotline at 1-800-39-ARSON.

You can get up to a $5,000 reward for information leading to the identity or the arrest of a suspect or suspects.