Update: 'Apologetic' robber arrested

      Update: Thursday, July 22 at 3:50 p.m.

      TOWN AND COUNTRY, Mo. (AP) -- Authorities said the man dubbed the "apologetic robber" is now in custody.

      KSDK-TV reports that Town and Country police said Thursday they have arrested a suspect. His name has not been released because formal charges have not been filed, but police said a tip led to the arrest.

      Police said the suspect walked into a pharmacy on the first floor of a medical building on Tuesday and used a gun to demand morphine. He said he was stealing the morphine for a sick friend.

      Witnesses told investigators that the man was very apologetic and kept insisting he was "not a bad person."

      Original Story:

      Authorities are calling him the "apologetic robber," a man who held up a suburban St. Louis pharmacy then said he was sorry as he went out the door.

      The robbery happened Tuesday at Goldsmith Pharmacy on the first floor of a medical building in Town and Country. KTVI-TV reports the robber told victims he was stealing morphine for a sick friend.

      Investigators said the robber had a .22-caliber rifle, but was told the pharmacy doesn't stock morphine.

      The robber pointed the rifle at the pharmacist and told her the morphine was in a safe. He was given 22 tablets and left, apologizing on his way out.

      Police are searching for the suspect.