Unplugged: Life without Technology

Meet Carlton Flowers. He's a family man who keeps himself busy with plenty of jobs and hobbies. He's extremely active in the Jefferson City community.

He's also a self-proclaimed technology addict.

"I use the cell phone, I wanna get a Galaxy Note 3 so I can take a picture of a Mustang, take the stylus out and then draw on the color and design that I want to possibly use to make that car," said Carlton. "So I'm using technology with every aspect of my life to make myself more efficient."

Enter... The Man Cave. For some men, this might be a place to kick back and watch sports. Carlton's Man Cave is full of computers, cameras and just about every gadget you can think of. He even has a green screen set up where he shoots his very own YouTube videos.

Carlton Flowers is so addicted to technology, we were interested to see what would happen if we took it all away.

On a typical Saturday morning, Carlton and a few workout buddies meet up at the local gym. Today was just a little bit challenging since he couldn't use his phone to coordinate.

"Nothin' happened except for me oversleeping because I thought 'well, nobody's gonna show up at the right time so I might as well get that extra hour of sleep and go to the class at 10:00 because I know that's gonna happen'," said Carlton.

After Zumba, Carlton heads home to check in with his family and get ready for the day.

"So then here we are today, and it's like I'm back in the 70's," said Carlton. "I'm in this truck, this is my dad's truck, the radio doesn't work... I can't use my cell phone and my headphones because we're not doing that today. And so all the way out to the truck I pat my pockets instinctively for my cell phone and it's not there. And I'm like 'Oh, I'm not doing that.' And it's unconscious".

Carlton shocks his wife and kids when he decides to leave his phone at home to run errands. But without that phone, even the simplest errands present a problem.

"We're going to the drive-thru, and finding out that the bank's not open! Because I couldn't check my cell phone or call to see if the drive-thru lobby was open past 12:00 and it's not... so that's good," Carlton said, laughing.

After checking in at the shop, Carlton heads home for some family time and reflects on being "unplugged" all day.

"Doing this is having the same effect on my body as going on vacation," Carlton laughed. "Because now I'm not jumping and grabbing for the cell phone as much. It's starting to feel a little more natural, and I almost don't wanna hear those bleeps and alerts go off because that means somebody needs something, or whatever. So... I like it."