Training underway at Summer Fire School

Firefighters practiced saving someone trapped in a tight space.

More than 500 firefighters from 15 states are in Jefferson City for the 2014 Summer Fire School.

The Jefferson City Fire Department is hosting the event at the Hyde Park Training Facility near Missouri Boulevard.

The training focuses on necessary skills for emergency responders and wild land firefighters.

Firefighters practiced saving someone trapped in a tight space.

Jefferson City Fire Department Captain Casey Hughes said, â??Itâ??s a critical element to fire training. There are fire departments all across the state that look forward to this time of year to be able to send their personnel whether they be from professional fire departments with paid people to those departments that are very small, rural departments with very few personnel. This is their shot to come here and get some good training and network with other firefighters from other departments, as well.â??

This yearâ??s Summer Fire School includes more than 40 courses including boat rescue training and simulated rescues involving real fires.

Firefighters finish the event on Sunday.