Tiger Fans prepare for heat

Tailgaters at the Tigersâ?? home opener should try to find water, shade and sunscreen.

Mizzou Football opens the 2013 season versus Murray State on Saturday night at home with temperatures forecasted into the upper 90s.

Athletic department officials want their fans to stay hydrated during the season opener.

Tailgaters at the Tigersâ?? home opener should try to find water, shade and sunscreen. Most of the tailgating will happen during the hottest part of the day. Tiger fans Ken and Donna Fairfax said they are prepared for the heat.

Donna Fairfax said, â??Iâ??ll have lots of drinks. Iâ??ll have lots of water. I donâ??t know. It will be fun.â??

Ken Fairfax said, â??Iâ??m going to hydrate frequently with my beverage of choice.â??

Itâ??s going to be so hot at the game that members of the Mizzou Drumline will wear polo shirts and khaki shorts instead of their uniforms, but the tailgating must go on.

Mizzou Drumline Member Cassie Hurd said, â??We have a Drumline Alumni Tailgate that we play for them. They will be tailgating and feeding us while we play for them.â??

The official kick-off time is 6:07 p.m. Members of the athletic department expect more than 60,000 people to fill the seats of Faurot Field. At kick-off time the temperature is expected to be more than 90 degrees in the stands and more than 100 degrees on the field.

Area bar owners plan to pay higher utility bills to keep their customers cool before and after the game.

Field House Manager Marshall Janish said, â??Oh yeah! We are going to have the AC blasting the whole day. Itâ??s going to be hot one. I think the hottest one so far this summer.â??

Managers at Harpoâ??s installed a 6-foot fan that sprays water for their outdoor patio. Ceiling fans will keep Tiger fans cool inside.

Harpoâ??s Manager Victor Shipley said, â??Weâ??ll have the nightclub and the ice bar open prior to the game tomorrow and through the evening as well. Generally, itâ??s a cool 60 degrees down there all day long.â??

Fans are allowed to bring one plastic water bottle that can be refilled at water fountains and water jug stations during the game. Misting stations will be setup around the stadium.

Event personnel, uniformed officers and paramedics will be on the lookout for fans in heat distress.