Thousands weather the storm at Lake of the Ozarks

Rain kept many boats out of the water at Lake of the Ozarks Saturday, but many people still traveled to Osage Beach to enjoy the festivities.

The threat of showers and thunderstorms did not stop thousands of people from participating in activities at the lake Saturday.

The festivities for the Lake of the Ozarks Invitational Powerboat Race continued on as scheduled, although some food kiosks closed a few hours ahead of schedule due to the weather.

The rain did keep some boats of the water, however, causing some people to change their plans. "It was a little wet today," said David Antal. "It kept us off the lake. So, we thought we'd come down and take a look at some new boats. It's exactly what we wanted to do!"

Others though brushed the raindrops aside and got out on the lake. St. Louis Resident Jamon Gambino says each weekend that he is at the lake, he prepares for weather changes on the water.

"I know the weather of the lake, I expect it," Gambino said. "So, I bring my raincoat. I get out there, do my thing, you know, have a good time. You get rained on, oh well, it's a boat. That's what you do."

The BROStock wakeboarding competition also went on as scheduled throughout most of the day. Staff there said although it got off to a slow start in the morning, large crowds were present by mid-afternoon.

At Bagnell Dam, racing wrapped up around 3 in the afternoon. However, the on-and-off rainstorms did not. Many people though that rain or shine, they wouldn't have missed out on a fun day at the lake.

"That's part of being at the lake," said Theresa Julian. "Just being able to enjoy the activities and finally be able to get out of the house and enjoy the weather."

"The rain comes and goes," said Troy Dukowitz as he took shelter during a passing shower. "You just make do with it, you have a little bit of fun, you take cover when you need to. We're at the lake, you get wet anyway!"