Thousands of cyclists jam out on Katy Trail

Saturday's rain did not stop cyclists from participating in the Jamboree, but many said they were grateful for clear skies on Sunday.

Over 3,000 cyclists from mid-Missouri and out of state spent Memorial Day weekend biking on the Katy Trail for the seventh annual Pedaler's Jamboree.

The event took cyclists down a large swath of the Katy Trail from Columbia to Boonville and back.

As cyclists passed through each stop along the way, they had the option of pulling over to enjoy the live music that was present along every stop of the way.

"It got a little wet yesterday," said cyclist Steve Hultgren. "But, we spent some time under a tent and met some new friends, which is what this is all about."

The three-day journey gave cyclists a chance to socialize and relax, as well as familiarize themselves with a part of the Katy Trail that many people never get to ride on.

"Everyone here loves cycling, and they love riding bikes," said cyclist Kevin Collins. "It's just a great atmosphere. You run into somebody on the trail, everybody likes to talk about their bike. It's kind of like a grandchild or something, everyone loves to talk about their bike."

Aside from an opportunity to get some exercise, some cyclists said for them, the event is becoming a Memorial Day tradition.

"It's becoming a tradition for my sister and I," said Maine resident Pat Aceto, who came to visit her sister for Memorial Day weekend. "We get to do some bonding and meet some great people from all over."

Pedaler's Jamboree is held every Memorial Day weekend. Organizers of the event said Pedaler's Jamboree has grown larger each year, primarily because of word of mouth.