State workers do not get paid time off on Black Friday

In May, Gov. Jay Nixon said he would not sign an executive order to allow state workers to take off the Friday after Thanksgiving with pay.

At the time, Nixon said the state budget would not allow for some paid state holidays. Earlier this year, lawmakers debated a plan to eliminate paid state holidays for Abraham Lincoln TMs and Harry Truman TMs birthdays. Ultimately, the bill was not approved. (Read more)

The day after Thanksgiving has never been a holiday guaranteed in law. However, in the past, many governors have given workers the day off as sort of a gift.

Nixon spokesperson Scott Holste said the state will save $2 million on that Friday. Holste said the savings are realized through productivity- people are being paid to work, not to take the day off- and workers in facilities that can TMt close will not get holiday pay on top of regular pay for the that Friday.

Holste also said the Capitol building and the governor TMs office will be open and working on Black Friday.

State workers will need to use their vacation time in order to take Friday off.

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