Spectators hog wild over pig races

The pigs get an Oreo cookie for their specporkular efforts.

Thousands of people from across the state are enjoying the Missouri State Fair this weekend.

One of the most popular shows at this yearâ??s event is Hedrickâ??s Pig Racing. The pigs leave their Hog Hilton, enter the starting gates and the race is on. Jude Godfrey is the Junior Pig Wrangler. He makes sure the racers are ready.

Godfrey said, â??I get the pigs down into the pens and I put the sheets on them.â??

Turn-by-turn the agile porkers, decked out in numbered racing attire speed around the track to the silver trophy platter.

Sonya Pittman said, â??I liked when everybody got to cheer.â??

Cassidy Reno said, â??It was fun to watch the pigs race.â??

Each pig has a unique name.

Pig Race Announcer Hallie Godfrey said, â??We have Sylvester Styloin. We have Kermit the hog. Of course, we have Miss Piggy. We also have George Bushhog and Barack Hogbama.â??

The pigs get a nice reward for their specporkular efforts. An Oreo cookie is waiting for them at the finish line.

Hedrickâ??s racing pigs has more than 40 years of experience and appear at fairs all across the country.