Special flag honors Lt. Bruce Britt

The United States Honor Flag honors fallen first responders since the 9-11 attacks.

A special flag, that has honored fallen first responders since the 9-11 attacks, arrived in Mid-Missouri today to honor Columbia Fireman Bruce Britt.

Lt. Britt was killed Saturday when a walkway collapsed at Mizzouâ??s University Village apartment complex.

A Firefighters Honor Guard escorted the United States Honor Flag from St. Louis to Kingdom City. The flag made a ceremonial stop at the Firefightersâ?? Memorial. The Honor Flag will lead Lt. Brittâ??s procession through Columbia before his funeral.

Honor Guard member and Columbia Firefighter Jennifer Kamp said, â??Itâ??s a very, very large honor to be able to have something of this significance. I know Bruce would be very humbled to have something that represented his fallen brothers and sisters during 911 present at his funeral.â??

The Honor Flag no longer flies. It has remained folded since a ceremony at Ground Zero. The flag has been traveling the country since 2007. It even flew in space as a symbol of heroism and sacrifice. Organizers said Lt. Britt was a symbol of that as well.

Columbia Battalion Chief Brad Fraizer said, â??He was a firefighterâ??s firefighter. He was the guy that if you were on the scene and something needed to be done, he was either doing it or he was the guy you asked to do it. He was the first to jump in and the last to leave.â??

Lt. Britt was a 23-year veteran of the Columbia Fire Department.