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      Snow days impact summer jobs

      The lifeguard stands at Columbiaâ??s public pools are empty this week thanks to some school snow days this past winter.

      This yearâ??s winter weather is still haunting thousands of area high school students.

      School districts across Mid-Missouri are making up snow days this week.

      The make-up days are keeping some students from their summer jobs and forcing some parents to make new travel plans.

      The lifeguard stands at Columbiaâ??s public pools are empty this week thanks to some school snow days this past winter. Rock Bridge Junior Taylor Dillard got a job as a Columbia lifeguard this summer and canâ??t wait for the final school bell to ring.

      Dillard said, â??Itâ??s painfully long. I hate coming to school when itâ??s warm outside. I want to be outside enjoying the nice weather and making money, honestly.â??

      Rock Bridge student Alexander Soho said this winterâ??s snow is keeping him from his job as a lifeguard at a private Columbia pool.

      Soho said, â??Itâ??s a bit frustrating know that I could be getting paid right now. All I can do is stay in school because thatâ??s what I have to do.â??

      Columbia public pools are opened on the weekends. Theyâ??re closed during the week because most of the pool staff is high school students. Columbia Parks and Recreation administrators said the snow days are a blessing disguise.

      Recreation Supervisor Janel Twehous said, â??It gave us kind of an opening weekend where our staff got ready for them. We also are now able to see what we need to improve on during this week of being shut down.â??

      Columbia Public School Administrators said some students traveling overseas got permission to skip the make-up days. Columbia travel agent Jerry Price said most of his customers didnâ??t have any problems.

      Price said, â??Most of the snow days happened so long ago that it was previous to people planning their summer vacations so they were able to plan around it.â??

      Some Columbia high school students said they did not lose their summer jobs because of snow days. They said they are losing their patience. Lifeguards start working full time on June 6th when the Columbia public pools officially open for the summer.

      The School of the Osage closes tomorrow.

      Jefferson City Public Schools close on Thursday.

      Camdenton R-3 students finish on June 4th.