Shots Fired at College Party

Mizzou Junior Kayleigh Kaiser wishes the shooting incident didnâ??t happen across the street from her apartment.

People living at a Columbia student housing complex are concerned for their safety after 2 people fired shots into the air during a weekend party.

Now police are looking for the shooters.

Witnesses told police that 2 people tried to get into the party, started being disruptive and left while firing several rounds into the air. More than 2 dozen people ran for their lives after hearing the gunshots.

Kayleigh Kaiser knows itâ??s not unusual for Columbia Police to respond to someone shooting a gun. She just wishes it didnâ??t happen across the street from her apartment. The Mizzou Junior thinks she heard 6 shots and she says her roommate ran from the scene in terror.

Kaiser said, â??It was hectic. It was crazy. Everyone was screaming. They were trying to find their friends. It was like there was a fire or something.â??

Kaiser wants more police security because of this weekendâ??s shooting incident and a recent armed robbery during her short stay at Aspen Heights.

Kaiser said, â??Itâ??s scary, though, because itâ??s already happened 2 times and itâ??s only been 3 months, now, living in this brand new, amazing place.â??

Police investigators said they are not sending any extra patrols to the Aspen Heights Subdivision because of this weekendâ??s shooting incident. They said officers prioritize their calls and respond as quickly as possible.

Investigators did not find any property damage from the shots fired into the air.