Shelters helping the homeless get out of the cold

Temperatures have been in the teens and single digits the past few days, which can be big problem for those who have no place stay.

Missouri TMs United Methodist Church in Columbia and the Salvation Army have opened their doors for people who need shelter.

The cold and frigid weather we're having is forcing some people to get out of the cold and find a warm place to stay.

"I TMve been here for like three days. They've been helping me out just fine, said Ed Barnes, who's been staying at the Hope Shelter. I have been eating great and I TMve been very warm. The shelter let's people come in off the streets when it's real cold and for that they should be blessed for. It's really nice of them."

The Salvation Army said the Hope Shelter is open for anyone who needs a place to stay or help keeping warm.

"We don't want anyone to suffer from the cold. They can come in here and have everything free, be safe, and warm, Hope Shelter Supervisor Judy Holliday said.

Major K. Kendell Mathews said right now the shelter has an average of five to ten people a night.

He said it's very important people know the Salvation Army is always open for anyone who needs help.

"We want you to know that there's a home for you at the Salvation Army, there's a place for you at the Salvation Army, and there's a family for you at the Salvation Army, Maj. K. Kendell Mathews said. If you need housing, and meet the criteria, then we will certainly welcome you with open arms."

Ed Barnes said he is grateful the Salvation Army took him in and hopes he can stay throughout the winter season.

"I don't want to be in the cold anymore. I TMm thankful to be here,Barnes said.

Missouri TMs United Methodist Church in Columbia also has a shelter for people who need to get out of the cold.

The shelter opens it's doors for people in January and will close at the end of February.

Right now the church has about 30 people staying there at night.

Both the Salvation Army and the United Methodist Church need blankets and pillows.

If you would like to send donations please send them to:

Salvation Army's Center for Hope Shelter at 927 Jefferson Street, Jefferson City, MO, 65109 or MO United Methodist Church at 204 South Ninth Street, Columbia, MO, 65201.