Senate discusses curfew amendment

Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer

The Missouri Senate has voted to grant special authority to Boone County to crack down on youth crime.

The Senate this week approved an amendment offered by Columbia Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer to a local government bill.

It would allow the county to impose a curfew on anyone under the age of 17.

"I think that Boone County is experiencing a lot of the same problems that city of Columbia is and the Boone County sheriff should have the ability, if the county commission gives him the ordinance, to have that curfew ordinance in place ...and to use it to maintain public safety in Boone Count, Schaefer said.

Columbia has debated, but not yet passed a curfew ordinance.

Schaefer had wanted to grant curfew ordinance authority to all first-class counties, but the sponsor of the local government bill had reservations.

So the language was crafted to describe Boone County alone.