School bus drivers need your help to stay safe on the roads

Jefferson City Public Schools didn't take the chance of putting buses out on the slick roads Wednesday.

It's always a challenge for bus drivers every time it snows.

KRCG's Fact Finder Team talked with First Student bus company to learn more about what drivers have to deal with in the snow.

First Student said driving a school bus in snowy conditions is not easy.

It takes a lot of concentration and safety to get students to and from school.

"In every condition our drivers are taught if you can't do it safely, don't do it. So if they come up a road that isn't clear or if they feel like they can't travel in a safe way; they're going to call in on their radio and we're going to tell them we'll come out there and help you, First Student Safety Manager Lavonda Murray said.

First Student said one of the most important things a bus driver can do while driving the bus is to look at their mirrors.

"In the snow we're going to increase our following distance. Slow our speed down, Murray said. Be aware of all our surroundings and look at our mirrors every five to seven seconds."

Murray has confidence in the drivers she manages in Jefferson City but said even if they make all the right moves, other drivers on the road need to be careful too.

"Be aware of us and watch for us. Slow down around us, Murray said. Make sure that you know that the school bus could stop and that there's going to be children moving around it. All drivers need to be aware of that and take extra precautions, as well as our drivers."

Tell us what you think about your school bus drivers. Do you feel that your children are safe riding with them to and from school?