School bus driver under investigation

David and Casey Moss are upset because their school bus driver let their daughter use the restroom at a friendâ??s house without permission.

A New Bloomfield school bus driver is under investigation after school administrators said he put a student at risk.

David and Casey Moss are upset because the bus driver let their daughter use the restroom at a friendâ??s house while coming home from school Thursday afternoon. School officials said the bus driver thought it was a safe situation because he knew both families.

Casey Moss said, â??I canâ??t believe that the bus driver would just drop my daughter off, who is 8 years old, at a strangerâ??s house, to me, and continue on his way and come back to get her.â??

The Mosses have 3 young daughters. They said the recent kidnapping and murder of Hailey Owens, 10, of Springfield is fresh in their minds.

David Moss said, â??That was the first thing that popped into my head. Iâ??m hearing about all of this stuff. People arenâ??t what they used to be anymore. There are a lot more malicious, crazy people out there. You never know what they are going to do.â??

School administrators said the bus driverâ??s biggest mistake was not getting permission from the studentâ??s parents. That would have been easy for the bus driver because he has Casey Mossâ?? number in his cell phone. Casey Moss wants the bus driver suspended, even though the driver told school administrators he learned his lesson.

School Superintendent David Tramel said, â??The driver let his heart override his sensibility. In this day and age you cannot allow a student to leave the bus without permission. To let a girl go into someone elseâ??s home, no matter how well you might know that person, is not allowable.â??

School administrators said any disciplinary action against the bus driver is a personnel matter for Durham School Services. The bus driver remains on the job.

Casey Moss said, â??She could have gone missing or been hurt. He didnâ??t know what could have happened.â??

Casey Moss said her children will no longer ride their school bus until school administrators make changes.