Scammers target online dating sites

Con artists are creating fake profiles to build online relationships.

The Better Business Bureau has a warning for those looking online for love this Valentineâ??s Day.

Millions use online dating sites to meet people.

Some scam artists take advantage of those looking to start relationships.

Con artists are creating fake profiles to build online relationships, and eventually convince victims to send money in the name of love.

Mizzou student Brendan Schumaker said, â??I think there are too many bad examples of online dating.â??

Scammers are usually in a hurry to build a relationship. Once they gain your trust, thatâ??s when they ask for money. The Better Business Bureau has some advice to protect your heart and your wallet.

BBB Mid-Missouri Regional Director Mike Harrison said, â??When they get to that point, they will use a sob story like my car broke down or Iâ??m having a problem with a family member. Can you give me some money? A lot of times if you wire them money, which we tell you not to do, itâ??s gone. Thereâ??s no real way to track that.â??

One of the most common scams is Catfishing. Thatâ??s when someone posts false information and pictures so you might fall in love with them. Several Mizzou students said they would never use an online dating service.

Mizzou student Kiana Phillips said, â??Face to face attraction is more important and vital to a relationship than what you see over the computer.â??

Mizzou student James Bender said, â??You donâ??t know the person. Youâ??ve never seen this person. They could be lying to you. You donâ??t even know how they look in person. I would never do that.â??

Better Business Bureau investigators said many online dating services are legitimate, but if an online date looks too good to be true, they probably are. They say use common sense so you donâ??t get your heart broken and your money stolen.