Rocheport cell tower gets city recommendation

A wireless company from St. Charles would build the tower in this field.

It appears cell phone service in Rocheport will soon be better.

Planning and Zoning Commissioners are recommending the construction of a 180-foot cell phone tower in a field on the northwest side of the city.

Alderman Conrad Yates said council members are expected to approve the construction of the tower at their first meeting in March.

Yates said Rocheport cell phone users currently have poor reception and the tower will improve response times for emergencies.

Yates said, â??The residents need it for safety and communication. We are a travel oriented community. We have a lot of out of town guests with the Katy Trail and the bed and breakfasts. They come to our restaurants and wineries.â??

A wireless company from St. Charles would build the tower.

Yates expects it to be up and running by this summer.