Residential segregation a reality in St. Louis

Racial segregation in residential housing in St. Louis is a reality that is rearing its head again in the aftermath of the Ferguson troubles.

The fatal Ferguson police shooting is forcing St. Louis real estate agents to again confront thorny issues of race and housing segregation that shaped the region's growth for decades before Michael Brown's death five months ago.

More than 200 housing industry workers, bankers and community organizers packed a west St. Louis County conference room Friday for a discussion hosted by the St. Louis Association of Realtors on the "Ferguson impact."

The event was billed as a chance for attendees to learn how to "navigate the difficult conversations you may face with your clients as it pertains to race, discrimination and racial residential segregation."

Local real estate experts say it's too soon to tell how the Ferguson shooting and subsequent protests will affect purchase prices, inventory and other industry indicators.

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