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      Rain dampens several outdoor events

      Wet weather forced some outdoor event organizers to change their plans.

      Heavy rains speeded up this yearâ??s Jim Mertens Memorial Kids Fishing Derby at Jefferson Cityâ??s Binder Lake.

      Missouri Department of Conservation Fisheries Management Biologist Phil Pitts said, â??It just sort of made things go a little faster because we didnâ??t want people standing around in the rain. Of course, as soon as itâ??s all over with, everybodyâ??s gone home.â??

      Some hard core fishermen who refused to go home at Binder Lake despite the rain.

      Fisherman Johnny Lyles said, â??It was supposed to be a nice day. The rain kind of dampened things a little bit. We like to come out and fish. We donâ??t care what the weather is. It could be snowing out. Itâ??s no big deal.â??

      Fisherman London Nickerson said, â??Every opportunity I get, I try to come out and fish. Iâ??m off this weekend. I plan for my weekend to be fishing.â??

      Dark skies also covered Fulton. That forced organizers of Callaway Countyâ??s American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraiser to move indoors. Members of the Fulton Hornet Baseball Club was just one team that showed their support for cancer victims inside the Callaway Electric Cooperative building instead of outside at the Missouri School for the Deaf running track. The team is supporting Elizabeth Newman who has breast cancer.

      Newman said, â??I think itâ??s good for the kids. They learn about the different cancers and how they can be helpful.â??

      The rain didnâ??t stop Columbiaâ??s Annual Art in the Park show. More than 100 artists are selling their artwork all weekend at Stephens Lake Park. Art shoppers protected themselves from the rain while they searched for bargains. Artists used tents to keep their artwork dry.

      Columbia Artist Ann Mehr said, â??Rain or shine, itâ??s a family event. The kids donâ??t care if they are wet. Right?â??

      Artists predict they will have a bigger, dryer crowd tomorrow at Columbiaâ??s 56th Annual Art in the Park show.

      The event happens again on Sunday between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.