Rabid bat makes dog stay at the vet for 6 months

Gracie the dog is home after spending the last six months being monitored for rabies.

Last July her owner Sharon Williams found a bat in her house that tested positive for rabies.

Since Gracie, a chihuahua, wasn't up to date on her rabies shots, Williams went to see the veterinarian.There were only two options: put Gracie down, or put her in a kennel to be monitored for six months to make sure she didn't have rabies. Friday she finally got to go home.

Williams wants her experience to convince others to have their animals vaccinated.

"Please get your animals vaccinated. Don't wait til tomorrow, don't wait til next pay day, and don't think something rabid can't get in your house, said Sharon Williams, Gracie's owner. This bat came down my chimney."

Williams said she is just so thrilled her baby is coming home.