Possible scam alert for one neighborhood in Columbia

We have received a number of e-mails from viewers concerned about a possible carpet cleaning scam.

They told us there are people are going door-to-door in a north Columbia neighborhood, showing up at unusual times, and asking homeowners to allow them inside for a carpet cleaning demonstration.

The Columbia Police Department said the reports from people in the Vanderveen neighborhood seem very fishy.

"In this day and age I think we get caught up in thinking at lot of our frauds and our scams happen on the internet, and they do. But door to door frauds still go on, Columbia Police Department Jessie Hayden said.

Hayden said not all scammers are trying to get your money some may be actually trying to scope out your place to later return and rob you.

She said always be cautious when someone is knocking on your door trying to sell you something.

"If anyone comes to your door and represents himself or herself as working for a particular company; realize that in the City of Columbia they must have a business license, and they have to produce that and be able to show it to you, Hayden said.

The e-mails KRCG received, described the people to be driving vans. One was red and the other white.

They also said there were three people working together. One was a white female, the other a black woman and they were with a tall white man who is bald.

The Columbia Police Department said if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood don't hesitate to call them on their non emergency number at 442-6131 or just call 911.

"It's so much better to get the police to respond and check something out; and either find out number one it's okay, there was nothing suspicious going on. You can't get somebody in trouble if they're not doing anything wrong, Hayden said. The other is if there is something suspicious going on you want us there early on."