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      People cope with long term power outage

      About 2,000 people in Columbia are still without power because of Mondayâ??s storm.

      Crews from Columbia and other cities are restoring power by working 16 hour shifts.

      Neil Kohler and his wife Jessica are staying with family until the power is back on at their house on West Rollins Road. Jessica prefers staying in air-conditioning.

      Kohler said, â??Sheâ??s 8 months pregnant. She is not handling that heat near as well as I would. Understandably, we went to her parents.â??

      Even though the power is out, Kohler still spends a lot of his time at his house because of fallen tree limbs in his yard. Inside, Kohler saved as much food as he could in his refrigerator by bringing it to his in-laws house before it spoiled.

      Kohler said no air-conditioner, no refrigerator and no TV are the least of his worries. He and his wife Jessica operate a small web development business out their home. Kohler told his clients it will be at least a week before theyâ??re back on line.

      Kohler said no electricity is a big problem, but heâ??s more concerned about tree trimming and clean-up. Heâ??ll get a lot of help this weekend from family and friends. He said it would be nice to take a break in an air-conditioned home after everyone finishes sawing and hauling.

      Kohler said, â??Iâ??ve seen some of the crews around, but nothing in our backyard where the problem is, just yet.â??

      Columbia Water and Light officials expect to have all power restored by Thursday night.