Our First (Married) Valentine's Day

Crashing into a wall and a stomachache. That pretty much sums up our first Valentine TMs Day as a married couple.Well, the crashing into a wall was a few days before Valentine TMs Day; but believe me we TMre still dealing with it! Let me explain. Okay, there TMs really no good explanation. But, when I was pulling into our garage on my way home from work one day last week, I ended up crashing into the back wall of our garage. Seriously. I really don TMt know how it happened. But, I TMm blaming it on mid-week sleep deprivation! Our insurance agent told us insurance companies don TMt like people who file a claim on a house they TMve lived in less than a year. So, we TMre keeping our fingers crossed there are no wind storms anytime soon that blows off our roof. Ah, home ownership.My Valentine TMs Day consisted of working a good 10 hour day and a stomachache. The amount of what I ate compared to a normal day was not healthy. Between the conversation hearts, homemade red velvet cupcakes (made by me thank you very much), chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite way to eat fruit) and the dinner my husband made; it was enough to feed the two of us and our small dog for multiple days. But, I do have to say a big thank you to my wonderful husband who made a wonderful (albeit rich and fattening) Vday dinner! He made lobster and crab mac n cheese and it was very tasty! We just may want to add in some veggies next time...Hope you all had a wonderful and loving Valentine TMs Day! Did anyone do anything fun?? Oh, not sure who saw this, but on Dick TMs Noon Show the other day he had a couple who had been married for 81 years!! Can you believe that? That is something special!