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      Nixon visits school to make last push to sustain veto

      Governor Jay Nixon made his final push to stop the passage of house bill 253 during a visit to Columbiaâ??s Fairview Elementary School on the day of the veto session.

      Nixon vetoed the bill in June that he said would force massive cuts to education and public services.

      The Governor made his remarks during an all school assembly as he was flanked by Columbia School Administrators who support the Governorâ??s veto. Nixon told the crowd that sustaining the veto of House Bill 253 is essential to continuing the progress of Missouri schools just like Fairview Elementary School.

      Nixon said, â??You canâ??t be for 253 and for education. Itâ??s not fair to look out to these students and say yes Iâ??m for education except for paying the teacherâ??s part, or we are going to have a school building but we are not going to pay the heating bill. These schools rely on the continuation of state funding.â??

      Columbia School Superintendent Chris Belcher said his district could have lost 4 to 7 million dollars a year if Missouri lawmakers overturned the Governorâ??s veto.

      Belcher said, â??We know the foundation formula is $600 million under funded. I will .tell you that i was offended when I saw the commercials that said we had a state budget surplus.â??

      Nixon also visited a classroom where he told the children his mother, Betty Nixon, taught at their school during the 1970â??s and 80â??s. Nixon said his mother would proud of the outstanding academic achievement at Fairview Elementary.

      Now that Missouri lawmakers failed to override the Governorâ??s veto, state republicans said they will make the tax cut bill their top priority for next year.