New school in the works for Jefferson City

Update 3: The estimated cost of the new campus, which would be financed through the bond and levy issue, is between $70 -80 million. Each building (or "academy") would be 40-45,000 square feet.

Update 2: Having the campus divided into several buildings will allow various contractors to bid on parts of the job, which will ideally keep most of the work local. More information is available at

Update 1: JCPS paid about $3 million for the land. In response to questions about why the district decided not to build a second high school instead, the reply was that it would be too costly. Officials also said academies are the "future".

Jefferson City Public Schools introduced plans for a new high school campus Monday morning.

JCPS purchased 120 acres near the new St. Mary's Health Center location off Highway 179. The layout concept shows that the site will have multiple buildings for an academy/college feel, as well as fields, courts and training centers for sports.

The project is expected to be included in an April 2013 bond and levy vote.

JCPS may sell the current high school to Linn State Tech and Lincoln University, although this agreement has not yet been finalized.