New designs unveiled for the Maplewood Barn Theatre

Dozens gathered Tuesday evening at the Boone County Historical Museum to see two options for rebuilding the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre.

Most everyone there was pleased with both designs.

"It pleases me to know end to see us get part of that building back. I hope the building is correct historically, but I hope it can be adapted for a good theatre, Columbia resident Bill Crawford said. We TMre just excited about it."

One option looks a lot like the old Maplewood Barn Theatre, the second focuses less on the history of the old building and more on the production needs of the theatre.

But rebuilding will not just be about the design, but the financing too, which is expected to come from some of the city parks tax.

"A continuation of the 1/8 cent parks sales tax, which would forward a great deal of money to the parks in Columbia, including Nifong Park, specifically to Maplewood Barn Community Theatre," President of Maplewood Barn Community Theatre Michael Scott said. "So this is a process that's ultimately leading to the ballot vote for the initiative on Nov. 2."

After the meeting was through, everyone received a public comment form so that they can give feedback on each design to Columbia TMs Parks and Recreation."

"We collect information from the public on their opinions on the architect two options for the building of the new barn. Then we will continue to take that feedback for another month, and then narrow it down to a final option based on our thoughts, the public's feedback, and the city's feedback, Scott said.

If you couldn't make it to the meeting click here to see the Maplewood Barn Community Theatre designs.