MU will inspect all buildings for safety after collapse

Veteran Columbia fireman Lt. Bruce Britt was killed when a walkway collapsed at MU's Village Apartments Saturday.

As flowers pile up for a fireman killed in an apartment walkway collapse Saturday, University of Missouri is preparing to make sure none of its other buildings have safety issues.

MU spokesman Christian Basi said the school plans to conduct building inspections of every University-owned building. That includes all of the buildings on campus, as well as research farms and satellite buildings in other parts of the state.

Basi said at least 250 buildings will be inspected for structural integrity, but he doesn't have the final numbers yet and that the total could be much higher.

The death of veteran Columbia firefighter Lt. Bruce Britt has left the student body feeling uneasy.

"Things like that shouldn't really happen," said MU student Jack Caywood. "In this day and age, you don't really hear about that anymore. The last time I heard about something like that was in Kansas City with the hotel collapsing."

Basi said some of the inspections began late Monday afternoon.

The University has hired the firm TH&H out of Columbia to do a full structural analysis of every building that MU owns or leases. The firm is not affiliated with the University.

TH&H will be assisted by Alper Audi, Inc. out of St. Louis.

Other students said they feel safer knowing that the university is taking the matter seriously.

"I think they are doing the right thing where they're going to inspect other buildings, and not treat it as an isolated incident," said MU student Nick Wood. "I feel a little bit safer since I know they are going to do that."