MU students clean up Columbia after homecoming

Some streets in Columbia are cleaner than they were before MU's annual Homecoming celebration, thanks to students.

After the excitement of Saturday's parade and football game, students from dorms and MU's Greek organizations came together Sunday to set about cleaning up the storefronts they decorated for the parade.

"It's also community service," said Forrest Hall, of Alpha Gamma Rho. "These businesses are allowing us to use their windows to support our homecoming, so we want to make sure these windows are spotless. My thing is, leave it cleaner than it was when you got here," Hall said.

Many businesses along the parade route were decorated with MU regalia before homecoming began. University of Missouri's tradition is one of the oldest in the country, and has come to define MU.

Students Sunday took to the task of wiping down the windows of storefronts, painted in black and gold. Some students said they had mixed feelings about the whole activity.

"It's sad, but at the same time it's a relief because we've been putting in so many hours getting ready for it," Said Allie Ward. "Now we can focus a little more on schoolwork."

Ward said now that homecoming is over, students say they will shift their focus back to academics. However, they say the MU spirit will continue.