M.U. Chancellor reacts to campus controversy

Loftin gave his reaction to football player Michael Samâ??s coming out.

M.U. Chancellor R. Bowen Loftin held his first news conference since starting his new job 2 weeks ago.

Loftin gave his reaction to football player Michael Samâ??s coming out.

Loftin said, â??This is Michaelâ??s story. I think it very clear that this is a very supportive community. So many people knew about him before he made this announcement. I think the interesting thing is there was no news. It was simply treated as a private thing that is very normal.â??

Loftin supports the curatorsâ?? decision to hire an outside firm in the investigation involving former Mizzou swimmer Sasha Menu Courey. They hired a Clayton-based law firm to conduct an investigation about the schoolâ??s handling of Coureyâ??s alleged rape and suicide more than a year later. The Dowd Bennett law firm is scheduled to report its findings and conclusions on April 11.

Loftin said, â??There is a need for an independent to look at it. We need this investigation. Iâ??m fully on board and supporting it all I can.â??

Loftin plans to spend time with lawmakers as they decide on state funding for higher education. Loftin said heâ??s also a huge Twitter user because it allows him to see the University through the eyes of his students.

Loftin announced that he sends a mass e-mail every Monday to his faculty and students to stay in touch.