Moms: Child abuse page on Facebook not okay

When Paula Lewis came across the Hitting Children page on Facebook, she almost couldn't believe her eyes.

"I was upset about it, Lewis said.

The page has almost 1,000 fans. One recent wall post said, just made my 2 kids fight for their supper, ended up throat jabbin both of them. Another suggests hitting kids bellow the neck so their clothes cover the bruises.

Her friend Jennifer Crowder also saw the site and decided to do something about it.

"I thought it was wrong and it was sick, Crowder said.

So Crowder created a rival page called "People Against Hitting Kids." The page has almost 200 fans.

"It about made me sick knowing that people are out there that could do stuff like that to their child, Crowder said.

They acknowledge the page could be a joke, but they're not laughing.

"I've known of a child that had gotten beat to death just here in Belle, Crowder said. So to me it's not a joking matter at all."

"If it is a joke, then in my opinion, it is a really sick joke, Lewis said.

Both women said they and several others have asked Facebook to take the page down, but they can't get any response.

A call was made to Facebook to see why Lewis and Crowder were getting the run around and what's going to happen to this page. No one picked up so a message was left. So far, no one's called back.